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Pale Man selvin

Selvin Alvarez
Selvin is the founder and host of the E.C. Horror Movie Podcast. Selvin is originally born and raised in Chicago, Illinois (go Cubs!) and now lives in the San Diego, California area (go Padres – he’s torn).
He is a major fan of the horror genre and movies in general. Selvin can have entire conversations in movie quotes or in his preferred language of sarcasm! Some of Selvin’s favorite horror movies include Pan’s Labyrinth, Cabin in the Woods, The Audition, the Rec movie franchise, High Tension, Event Horizon and Ghost Ship (yes, he knows it’s bad — he loves bad movies). Having been inspired by the Midwest horror movie host, the Son of Svengoolie and his rubber chicken, he avidly pursues all things horror.

Fred Lee
Fred Heise
Fred Heise is one of the co-host of the E.C. Horror Movie Podcast. A horror geek at heart, Fred was introduced to the world of horror by none other than his loving mother (She’s the best!). His fascination with the genre grew by watching various weekend movie outlets on the local TV networks thru his family travels around the country (Does anyone out there remember Shock Theatre out of Dayton, OH?). While some people may rave about “Citizen Kane”, “The Godfather” and “Saturday Night Fever” as must see classics – Fred would probably counter with “Freaks”, “Curse of Frankenstein” and “Black Christmas” (to name a few). Fred also loves reading about horror (Fangoria, Rue Morgue and Little Shoppe of Horrors) and going to various cons. One of Fred ‘s biggest thrills in life was meeting the legendary Christopher Lee (a.k.a The Master) at a con in Virginia in 1999. To this day, Fred remains an avid fan of Hammer Studios, Toho’s Godzilla and many numerous subgenres of horror.

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