The E.C. Horror Movie Podcast, Episode 42, “American Psycho”(2000)

Welcome back, this is episode 42 of the EC Horror Movie Review Podcast, today we are reviewing 2000’s “American Psycho”. We are sorry to have been off watch for so long but life decided to throw us a few curve balls over the past few months, and we are only just now recovering.  Thank you for hanging in there with the crew and we will start releasing episodes as we get them edited,  we hope to be back on track in just a few weeks, for now sit back and enjoy the show.  This episode Kristen, Jason, Fred and Selvin review the 2000 homage to the totally tubular 80’s ”American Psycho”,  staring Christian Bale and Reese Witherspoon, we hope you enjoy this episode.


American Psycho 2

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