The E.C. Horror Movie Podcast, Episode 18, “American Mary”

Welcome back to another spooktacular episode of the EC Horror movie review podcast.  In this episode, the guys are reviewing 2013’s “American Mary”, this small independent film features the lovely Katharine Isabelle, of “Ginger Snaps” fame.  We couldn’t come to a consensus on this film but we hope that this episode helps you decide if this film is for you.  We hope you enjoy episode 18 of the EC Horror movie review podcast.

American mary 2


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2 Responses to The E.C. Horror Movie Podcast, Episode 18, “American Mary”

  1. Selvin, you really should check out Hannibal. It takes a few episodes to get used to the actors, but when you do the show is awesome. I’ve never seen a show with such tight writing, symbolism, great acting, and gore.

    By the way since you hate spinoffs like CSI, what you gonna do when your favorite show The Walking Dead has it’s spinnoff? Hell they might even call it Walking Dead: San Diego.

  2. admin says:

    I promise I’ll try Hannibal when it comes out on DVD or Blu-ray 🙂 It’s not that I don’t like spinoffs It’s that there are way too many CSI or NCIS spinoffs.

    I can’t wait for “The Walking Dead: Carl’s Lost Years” to start, I heard he grows a beard and walks the Earth 🙂

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